Youtube Vanced Microg Apk Latest Version Free Download

Youtube Vanced Microg Apk is an application that can be used to watch all the videos on YouTube without any ads. Especially if you add the vanced microG Apk, of course you can login using a google account. The need to log in has a goal in order to be able to use the maximum features available on YouTube Vanced.

The existence of the Vanced YouTube application is so easily accepted by some people and is increasingly popular. All of that can not be separated from its main features that are so extraordinary. When you use the YouTube application, either from your cellphone or via a browser.

Because later there will be some advertisements that appear when you want to watch or even when you are in the middle of watching a movie and then an advertisement appears. This is much different if you use YouTube Vanced, the presence of ads will be destroyed or lost, aka there are no ads at all.

Review of the Vanced Youtube Application

Youtube Vanced Microg Apk
Youtube Vanced Microg Apk

Youtube is a video service application developed by Google, so you can play videos for free. Google has collaborated with business people and video creators by providing space to advertise on several YouTube videos by having many views, likes and subscribes to accounts.

By establishing cooperation between businessmen, content creators and from Google, of course this will mutually benefit from one another. However, the presence of advertisements is considered to be more or less disturbing the audience to enjoy the video that is currently playing or will be playing. Of course, the existence of these advertisements is not uncommon for service users to feel annoyed and annoyed.

Good news from us, for those of you who are annoyed with the appearance of ads on YouTube and want to be free from ads, then you can use YouTube Vanced. This application is considered capable of providing answers to your discomfort when watching videos with advertisements. You need to know that you can actually remove ads on the YouTube application without having to use the Vanced YouTube application.

Young enough you have to spend a little money to use youtube premium and youtube music. If you use it, it is guaranteed that there will be no ads that will appear in the video that you are watching or will watch. However, this method is considered too burdensome and heavy for video viewers on the application. Especially for students who of course do not have an income.

Of course they will choose to switch to using YouTube Vanced which has provided convenience with complete features that can be utilized, one of which is that there are no ads when you watch videos that you are going to or are watching, aka free and do not need to subscribe, as is the case with the Blue Mod Youtube application.

Pengertian Vanced MicroG Apk

Youtube Vanced Microg Apk Latest Version Free Download

Vanced microG is an application that allows you to enter or log into YouTube Vanced using a Google account. If you use this application, you can maximize and enjoy the features on YouTube Vanced optimally.

The Vanced MicroG application is an absolute must-have for Vanced YouTube users. Because this application has a function to maximize YouTube Vanced and Vanced Music services more perfectly. So that you can enjoy and use its features, for example, ads will not appear when you play videos.

Vanced microG is a tweaked version of the official microG with the aim of being compatible with vanced apps, such as YouTube Vanced. By using this method you can get google authentication to youtube vanced or youtube mod on your cellphone.

The existence of Vanced MicroG has a mission to eliminate Google Play Services on Android. as well as optimizing the use of google play services, gmail and so on.

Features and Advantages of Youtube Vanced

It would be nice before you decide to use or install on a smartphone. We recommend that you first carefully listen to the features in the Vanced microG Apk application and what are its advantages. The reason is, there are so many who use it so you must know what exactly is going on so that they use it a lot?

In the following, we will review in detail what features and advantages of YouTube Vanced are:

1. No need to Root

Some people are of the view that every advanced application that you want to use on a smartphone must first be rooted. However, this application does not require rooting on your Android at all.

Rooting your phone can indeed provide extraordinary access. However, we think this method is not worth it. However, if you are in a state of compulsion then please do it. But you need to understand that if you root, there will be some big risks, such as loss of warranty from characters, being susceptible to malware and so on.

2. Ad-Free

Youtube Vanced Microg Apk Latest Version Free Download

The second feature of this application has a feature that can remove ads on YouTube up to 100% without ads. Every ad that usually appears in the form of images or short videos and some can be skipped and some cannot but must be watched will disappear on the Vanced YouTube application.

Without ads when or while playing videos on YouTube, it will give a good and interesting impression to enjoy. Therefore, please use the YouTube Vanced application so that beautiful impressions are engraved in your hearts.

3. Youtube music

Youtube Vanced Microg Apk Latest Version Free Download

You can listen to music via the YouTube Vanced application. Because this feature is bundled with features such as removing ads on YouTube. In the YouTube music feature, you can choose and listen to your favorite song in the background.

In the original version, when you press the home button, the YouTube application will automatically stop. But that doesn’t apply when you use the YouTube Vanced application, so you can do other activities such as replying to chats on your cellphone or doing other things.

4. Free

On youtube premium you will be charged a service administration fee without ads when playing videos on youtube in the range of Rp. 35,000 – 90,000 every month. If you collect it, you will definitely collect so much nominal that you spend. However, if you use the YouTube Vanced application, you can enjoy all the features on YouTube for free.

You only need to install and update the application once to eliminate bugs and errors and you can use and enjoy all the features of the application.

5. There are trending features

Youtube Vanced Microg Apk Latest Version Free Download

Don’t get me wrong, YouTube Vanced is not an application that imitates YouTube. This app is a reflection of youtube premium. So you enjoy the same features as those on YouTube Premium. One of the features that you can enjoy is the trending feature, which of course allows you to enjoy videos that are trending or viral.

6. Picture in picture

When you use the original version of the YouTube application and then back to home on your cellphone, the application will automatically close. So you have to watch and can’t do other activities such as replying to chat.

However, if you use YouTube Vanced, you can do it because when you run other applications automatically the videos you play will turn small and not disappear or close like in the original version.

7. Dark mode

Every app should have a night mode if you don’t want to be called an outdated app. Well, of course in this application there is also a night mode which is considered capable of rejuvenating the eyes while watching videos and saving batteries and saving quota.

8. Online and Offline Mode

All users of the youtube application must expect offline mode when viewing youtube, even though the original youtube application also exists. However, to watch it you have to download it first. In contrast to this advanced microg application, where there is an offline mode feature that can be used to watch videos.

Risks of using Youtube Vanced

After you know the advantages and features that exist, it is mandatory for you to also know the risks of using YouTube Vanced. The following are the most likely risks that you can face:

1. Not 100% safe

This application can not guarantee 100% safe if used. Because there is still a risk of being banned by Google if you are actually caught using this application. as we know if this application is still illegal to manufacture.

Although you can use a Google account on YouTube Vanced, namely using Vanced MicroG. However, this is considered still not guaranteed its safety. However, such a risk is very unlikely to occur.

2. Conding Unverified

In the original YouTube application, Google has verified the conding first, then if it is considered safe, the video can be enjoyed by its users. This is certainly different from using YouTube Vanced which has not officially implemented conding verification.

3. Update manually

If you use the original version of YouTube, a notification will appear to update the application and sometimes even automatically update the application when connected to wifi or the internet.

This cannot be applied to the YouTube Vanced application, when you want to update, one way is to do a manual update by downloading an application on the internet.

4. Data leak

As we know, security on YouTube Vanced is not 100% guaranteed, therefore there is a high possibility of data leakage. Because so many cyber crime teams use their expertise to steal data and make personal gains and harm the parties involved.

5. Disadvantaging Google, creators and entrepreneurs

The existence of advertisements on videos on original YouTube will certainly help income for content creators, Google and entrepreneurs because they will benefit from each other with these ads.

However, with the development of YouTube Vanced, video connoisseurs have more or less switched to using this application. therefore it will be detrimental to the three parties above. Because they provide videos without ads.

After knowing all the features in the Vanced MicroG mirror application, you can see the previous review, namely the youtube go apk with several advantages. And after that, then download the following Vanced MicroG mod apk file.

Download Youtube Vanced Apk

After you understand and understand the advantages and disadvantages of YouTube Vanced and still want to use it, please download it via the link that we will share below:

Application Name Youtube Vanced Apk
Latest Version v2.1
File Size 63MB
Minimum OS Android 4.1
Download Link Here

Download Vanced microG Apk

If you want to login to YouTube Vanced using a Google account, then please use the Vanced MicroG application. Here is a link to download.

How to Install Youtube Vanced Apk on Android and iOS

This application is the result of third party development that still does not have official permission. So there need to be a few more steps for you to do when you want to install it.

Maybe some people really understand how to install any unofficial applications, but we believe there are still a few of you who don’t understand how to install applications made from third parties. Here’s how:

  1. Make sure you have finished downloading the YouTube Vanced application
  2. Please go to the settings menu
  3. Then select to privacy and security
  4. Check unknown sources
  5. Then go back to the results of the application download and please click
  6. Wait for the process to finish.

How to Install Vanced MicroG Apk on Android and iOS

The Vanced MicroG application has a function as a bridge between YouTube Vanced and Google. Where we reviewed above if YouTube Vanced cannot login using a Google account directly, but if you want to use Google, you must go through the Vanced MicroG application. Here’s how to install the application:

  1. Please download the advanced microG application at the link we have provided
  2. Even though it is still in the download process, please enter the settings menu, this is intended to shorten the time
  3. Please visit the privacy and security menu
  4. Then check the option allow unknown sources
  5. When the download process is complete, you can directly visit the downloaded file in the file manager
  6. Please do the install by clicking the application
  7. Wait for the process until it is installed on your cellphone.
  8. Installing the YouTube Vanced MicroG application can be done easily and quickly. And you can also take advantage of developer-made applications to install and update applications, namely with the advanced manager.

Some of the Advantages of Vanced MicroG Apk Mod

Every mod application that has been made certainly has many advantages, and the same as Vanced MicroG mirror old version or latest version, everything must be there. Well, for those of you who don’t know what the advantages are, you can listen to the following review.

  • No need to root during installation
  • No annoying ads while watching videos
  • Watch youtube on Vanced MicroG in full HD quality
  • Can watch videos offline and online
  • There is a Dark Mode item that can nourish the eyes even if you watch for a long time
  • There is YouTube music that you can listen to for free
  • There is a large selection of videos from various categories
  • Lots of themes or several choices, so the design looks cool
  • There is a trending video menu that can be seen.
  • And there are many other advantages.
  • The advantages that exist in this vanced microg mirror are many, as a result, with the addition of Youtube
  • Vanced makes it easier to use to watch videos.

Combination of Youtube Vanced MicroG Mirror with Vanced Manager

You need to know that these three applications are one product made by a third-party developer called Vanced Ltd. So that all the applications he makes are called advanced apk.

And you need to know that to update the Youtube Vanced mod apk and Vanced MicroG Apk application, you have to download the Vanced Manager application first. And you can download it via the link we have provided above.

By providing the Vanced Manager Apk application, you no longer need to download the YouTube Vanced apk on Playstore or sites that provide it, such as Apkpure, uptodwon, happymood, android1 and so on.

Enough with the Vanced Manager application, all matters related to YouTube Vanced and MicroG can be resolved easily, whether it’s in terms of installing, repairing, and also other information.

The final word

That’s the discussion of the Vanced product called Vanced MicroG Apk latest version 2022, please use the application to login to Youtube Vanced using a Google account.

Hopefully this article can be useful for all, and if there are any wrong words in this writing, we apologize profusely. Thank you and good luck!

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