Download YouTube Pink Apk 2022 For Android (Latest Version)

Everyone is familiar with YouTube and we all use it. However, there are still some restrictions that anyone can still face on YouTube.

It is recommended that you install the YouTube Pink Apk on your device once YouTube has overcome the limitations. With this application, you will find many features that you will not find in other versions of YouTube, such as playing videos in the background.

Screen brightness control, no restrictions in countries are the main features and highlights of this application. If you want to know about the rest of the features of the application, stay tuned throughout the article.

Additional Information

Name YouTube Pink
Size 65.63 MB
Version Latest
Ratings 4.1 out of 5
Android version 4 and up
Updated on 20 January 2022
Category Tools
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Download YouTube Pink APK


Below are some of the key highlights of this application.


This will only suggest videos of your interest. The videos you’ve searched for so far will become your list of recommendations

For example, if you love watching science fiction movies, your list of recommendations will only show you videos that contain only science and fiction ideas and themes.

Classy theme

The theme of the application is quite interesting. The whole theme will be in pink. Notification Area, Search Bar Area, Recommendations, Brief View Later Each module of the application will be in pink.

So the name of this app is Pink YouTube because of the theme and color. The color looks so girlish and that’s why women like it. This color is so cool and light that it does not irritate so much.

But keep in mind that you will not be forced to watch the videos and will only be able to use the application on the pink theme. You can switch to another theme according to your needs.

Dark mode

Many social media applications are switching to dark mode for the convenience of users. The same is true of this application. You can switch from Pink to the dark theme of the app whenever you want.

All you have to do is enable the dark mode of the application from the settings of the application whenever you want.

Background mode

You can switch to another application while watching the video. Like other versions of YouTube, whenever you switch to another application, the played video slowly stops.

But with YouTube Pink Apk you will not face this problem, your played video will play in the background. It is even more important that you get this feature on Youtube Red and Youtube Blue.

You can even chat with your friends through any social media app. Your video will not be blocked. No matter what messaging app you are using, the video you play will never be stopped or paused.

The brightness of the screen

If the brightness of your screen annoys you and irritates your eyes, you can no longer set the brightness of your screen from the notification area.

You can set the brightness of your video play by sliding the video screen. The brightness can be adjusted according to your own choice.

Video on-repeat

You can repeat the video. If you like a video, play it repetitive regardless of its genre. It will play repetitive your video regardless of the foreground or background.

No limitations

Like many YouTube videos, you are subject to age and country restrictions. But with Pink YouTube, you will not suffer from country and age restrictions.

No ads

This version of YouTube will not show any ads in the video. Watch so many video ads for free. Videos of any length will be viewed without the hassle of advertising.

Double tap

Instead of shutting down videos and apps, you can double-tap your YouTube screen directly. YouTube will fall asleep at once if you tap anywhere on the pink screen.


Personally, one of the things I like about YouTube Pink Apk is playing video songs in the background of apps. This feature has been missed in other versions of YouTube and has been wanted for ages.

In addition to these features, the app has many more features that you can enjoy such as brightness control by sliding over sliding and so on. In short, you should try the application at least once.

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