What DETAILS can’t be given in FIVERR GIG? GIG Promotion

What DETAILS Can’t Be Given In FIVERR GIG Your first gig, or you spent hours and hours making a gig. So adding the sweetness of the mind to it, 10 categories have been made from one gig.

What DETAILS can't be given in FIVERR GIG? GIG PromotionI had my first gig just like that, but now I understand what was wrong with things.

Although I have seen many videos, but all are theory type. None show directly or manually.

So let’s take a look at what not to do at your gig, and what to do.

Do’s and Don’ts – (Do’s and Don’ts)
Don’t give irrelevant words in the gig title and description.
(You must have main keyword in title and description (first paragraph) You must have main keyword)
Do not use highlighter.
(highlight the gig so it can be easier to focus on a few key words later)
Not to mention 10 different services at once.
(Have only one service per gig – you can specify subcategory, keywords with less competition)
You’ve been doing graphic design for 10 years from the start of the gig (but that’s your gig background removal).
(Your service type should match your mentioned experience, if you remove BG for 10 years you should now have permanent customer of a big company)

If you are active round the clock, it is a lie. You slept I left the bathroom or shower.
(Speak the exact time, otherwise there is no need to specify the time)
Don’t give a 100% satisfaction guarantee if you don’t have an expert and have good client communication skills.
(It’s a big deal, so if you can keep it up, you can pay)
Don’t text too much in gig images.
(There is no benefit without being friendly. The buyer is a human, not a robot)
At this level you are, don’t let the level tag image gig.
(eat bamboo as you level up)
Do not provide a link to remove an individual buyer.
(Different portfolio link account)
Don’t talk too much outside the service.
(Just give what the buyer needs to know before ordering what you’re offering in any package at the service.)
Do not give less information on the package.
(use word limit full tie)
Do not leave the FAQ section blank.
(Give buyer everything you need to know before ordering)
Don’t make the gig in one sitting.
(Research and spell out over time.)
The market value of the service is 50, you can pay 40 or 35, not 5.
(Give in 5, serve like 5, and mention it very well in the gig)
Social media marketing (AKA Fb/Twitter spamming) cannot be done.
Because there are more sellers than buyers in these places.
(When sellers view your gig, the bounce rate of your gig will increase. You will see that the click view is not an order, the rank will not be what it is)
Don’t put irrelevant things in gig tags.
(main keywords in the first tag, then sub-keywords)

Don’t give a design like Nilkhet in gig image.
(Give buyer an attractive image and color)
Don’t delete gig pdf with gig image.
(Combine all your portfolio into one document and convert it to PDF. If the file size is large, use the online PDF compressor.)

If you find it difficult to understand things by writing then you can comment. I try to answer everyone. What DETAILS can’t be given in FIVERR GIG

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