Tekken 2 Apk Download For Android (37 MB) 2022

Created by Namco for the PlayStation 1 in 1995, the day before, the game was the king of its time. Following the huge success of Tekken 1, Namco has decided to launch a better game in the form of Tekken 2 than Tekken 1. Tekken 2 Apk is the same game, but it is for Android devices.

In those days when you asked who was the king of all games, there was no name other than Tekken 2. Takecan 2 was officially released for PlayStation 1 and was a huge success. This game is pure nostalgic if you play it on your Android device today.

Now as you know everyone likes to play games on their smartphone, so a lot of games are being created for this purpose. To give nostalgia, many old games are also being launched for smartphones.

In this regard, Tekken 2 was also released to run on smartphones with the help of PlayStation emulators. But the fact is that playing games with emulators will cause a lot of problems, lag, slow, etc.

So if you want to play the game on your smartphone without any problem, the best way to do this is to download this Tekken 2 Apk Direct file, which will allow you to play the game without any kind of emulator. Similarly you can play Tekken 4.

Additional Information

Name Tekken 2
Price Free
Version Latest
Ratings 4+
Required Android 4.0 and Up
Updated on 26 January 2022
Category Games
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Tekken 2 Apk is an upgraded version of the Tekken 1 game. The game has the same story as Tekken 1 continues with Tekken 2. You have too many different characters to play.

Also character unlock system is available for you. You can get different special moves as well as fight in different styles and techniques. The controls are simple and easy and the nostalgic feeling will be a plus point of the game.


The features of Tekken 2 Apk are as follows.

Lots of characters

The game Tekken 2 is famous for its characters. There are lots of different characters with which you can play games. If you count the number of characters in this game, there are more than 20 characters that you can play with.

Arch type

You know that the game has different game characters. But the thing is, out of those characters, only 10 of them have been unlocked. Everything else is locked.

You need to unlock those characters to access them and play with them

For that purpose, you need to play arcade mode and complete various tasks and levels after which you will be able to unlock those characters.


If you are new to the game and do not know how to play, do not worry, we have covered it for you in the form of training mode. In this mode, you can try different moves and get used to controlling the game.

Point control

When it comes to game control, there are only 4 main controls in the game that you can fight. These are left and right punches and left and right kicks. You can mix these moves with each other by pressing buttons together to make a move of your own.

Special character move

The game has characters who have different special types of rice. Each character has 5 different special moves. The number of different combo moves of a unique character is 10 and you can take only 1 final step to eliminate the opponent.


Tekken 2 Apk is a game for people who want to enjoy their old days and play the game on their smartphones. No emulator is required to play this game so it will not lag behind and the gaming experience will be smooth. So download the game now and enjoy the fight.

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