Why can’t the Utah Jazz hold onto a lead?

They held a 16-point lead over the Golden State Warriors in the fourth quarter. Had it been a 20-point lead, it would have been enough. Instead, they let the game slip away and 

The Jazz may have the league’s best Offensive Rating, but their means of production is not entirely reliable.

As a whole, the team shot 15/46 from the three-point line in this one. The constant threat of their spacing was enough to generate quality looks all over the floor for most of the game. However,

They shot 3/12 from downtown in the fourth quarter. Meanwhile, the Warriors lit it up, hitting 6 of their 11 attempts from deep in the final frame.

Sometimes, it feels like this Jazz team launches threes because they have to. With an army of quality shooters, the approach often works.

How many Utah Jazz guards does it take to fix a lightbulb? Only, the lightbulb is an NBA offense.

The answer seems to be more than one, which is problematic because often, this team struggles to get all three of their lead guards going at once.

Last night, it was Mike Conley’s time to shine. He finished with 26 points shooting 10/18 from the field and 5/11 from deep. Unfortunately, his running mates weren’t able to help.

Donovan Mitchell finished with 26 points, but he was 8/19 from the field. Jordan Clarkson had 14 points on 5/13 shooting.

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