Singer Shawn Mendes’ new song ‘When You’re Gone’ was inspired by his breakup from girlfriend and singer Camila Cabello and it helped him “process” the idea of being alone again.

Shawn Mendes’ new song inspired by his split from Camila Cabello

“I think, in a lot of ways, it was just me kind of processing what it feels like to be on my own again, and processing what it feels like to learn how to cope and be there for myself,” he told ET Online.

“The original song was really a sad ballad and it ended up turning into an upbeat tempo kind of song, so it’s interesting... I think if you can surround a song in a sonic soundscape that makes people excited, it allows people to listen more,” Mendes continued.

The ‘Stitches’ hitmaker went on to explain that “sharing vulnerable lyrics” has always been “important” to him in his songwriting as it helps people connect.

“Sharing music and sharing vulnerable lyrics has always been important to me, because potentially there’s someone who’s going through the exact same thing. I think that it’s kind of creating a world where somebody can feel related to and less alone,” he added.

Mendes and Cabello initially announced their breakup to fans towards the end of 2021, claiming that while their romantic relationship was over, their love for each other was “stronger than ever.”

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