Spotify Premium Apk v8.6.82.1113 Free Download Offline Mode

Information of Spotify Premium Apk

App Name  Spotify Premium Apk
Compatible with  Android 4.1
Latest Version  v8.6.82.1113
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Price Free
Size  31.1 MB
MOD Info  Premium Unlocked
Category  Music – Audio
Update  February 15, 2022 (5 hours ago)

Mod Info?

Spotify is the largest music platform where you will find millions of songs from each category and genre. It is a world famous app and millions of people around the world are enjoying this music app. This is the premium version of Spotify so you will encounter ads while using it. Spotify Premium Apk

In this version you will get free connection, unlimited handshakes and more valuable things that you can enjoy for free. There is no doubt that this app is at the top in the world of music as it has over 50 million songs. There are no restrictions on anything in this premium version so you can easily create your own playlist in each category without any problems like happy, sad, inspirational, rock and many more.

You can stream all your favorite songs anytime anywhere. You don’t have to pay anything with this premium because this version gives you everything for free so you will never face any problem while using this app. All features unlocked and ready for free use. All you have to do is follow a few simple steps to get this version on your device.

Spotify Premium Apk v8.6.82.1113 Free Download Offline Mode

What is the Spotify Music app?

Spotify is the world’s number one music streaming application where you can listen to all your favorite songs without any problems. This app enhances your music experience as it has many great features that you can do while listening to your music. This amazing music platform gives you millions of songs, podcasts and music. You can collect your own music because this app lets you create your own playlist so you can add all your favorite songs and music without any restrictions. This is a huge network so millions of people are using this platform every day which is increasing day by day. So be a part of this platform and enjoy all your favorite music anytime anywhere. You can use this app for free but you will get limited features and for the premium version you will need to buy a monthly subscription which is around $ 9.99 but in this premium version you don’t have to pay anything and you can easily use all the features for free.

What is Spotify Premium Apk?

This premium version of Spotify is the cracked or hacked version of the official Spotify application. In this version you don’t have to buy or pay anything because it gives you full features for free. You can enjoy ad-free music and download as much as you can because there are no restrictions. It gives you high quality with dynamic sound effects.
What you can do with Spotify Premium
You can listen to your favorite music without any restrictions.
Create your own music playlist and add unlimited songs to share with others.
It contains all the genres and categories according to your mode.
Download and save your music to play offline.
Ad-free experience.
Free unlimited podcasts.
You can use your account on any account to listen to your music.
Spotify is a music world for people who love to listen to music all the time. It contains music from Bollywood to Hollywood and all other albums and podcasts You can search with all the music and artist names of your choice without any problem. For those who are unable to purchase a subscription, this premium version is the best option.

Great feature of Spotify Premium Mode Apk

This music app has many unique features that you will not find in any other music streaming app. Before downloading this premium version you should check out its great features that will help you make up your mind.

Unlimited music

You know that this app has over 50 million songs which means you must have all your favorite songs and music that you can listen to in this app. You can search for unlimited songs and there are no restrictions so you can download as much as possible. When you open this app, it shows you different music and song categories that you can follow or choose, then it shows you songs according to those recommendations. You can follow different artists and it will show you their songs and music. You can easily add all your favorite songs to your playlist.

Ad-free experience

This is a great feature because with this premium version of Spotify you won’t have to deal with ads while listening to music. You do not have to pay for this feature because this mod version provides this feature for free. So it will definitely enhance your experience as the ads will not interrupt you again and again. This modern version of Spotify automatically blocks every ad so no need to worry.

Unlimited offline downloads

This is probably the best feature and it is only available in the premium version which means you will not be able to enjoy this feature on regular Spotify.

Easy process to download songs

  1. Just open your favorite song.
  2. Add your favorite songs in playlist by clicking add to playlist option.
  3. Click on your playlist to open it and then click on download button.
  4. Then it will start downloading all the songs which will be in your playlist.

Unlimited handshakes

This is a very nice feature of this app because it allows you to sort all the songs so this app will sort all the songs randomly. This is a great feature because you don’t have to listen to the same song over and over again. There is no limit to this option as this mode version gives you unlimited shuffle. If you do not know how to enable this feature, follow these simple steps:

How to turn on shuffle feature in this App

  1. First go to the music library and select your playlist.
  2. Open playlist according your choice.
  3. Then click on the shuffle play
  4. Enjoy songs in shuffle mode

This mode is just available in premium version but with mod version you can enjoy this feature for free.

Spotify connection

People love this app because of the great features and Spotify connection is a very interesting feature because it allows you to easily share your favorite songs or music with your friends and family members. With this great feature you can listen to your songs on smart TV, Bluetooth and radio.

How you can use Spotify Friend Connect

  1. Play your song in Spotify app.
  2. Click on the device icon which is located in the bottom left corner.
  3. Select the device on which you want to listen.
  4. Then simply download this app on that device to enjoy your music.
    It is very simple to download the application on other device. You will get all the guidance while downloading the app.

Some extra feature

It has some extra features which you get in premium version of Spotify.

  • Free podcasts.
  • Play your favorite music on different devices.
  • Create different playlists of various moods.
  • More than 62 music channels.
  • Download your favorite playlist with just single click.

How Can I Download and Install Spotify Premium Apk?

This is a very simple process to download and install the Apk file on your device. All you have to do is follow the simple steps to make it easy for you to download this app to your device

Spotify app for Android

This application is very easy to download on Android devices because it is made for Android.

  1. First download the mod version of Spotify.
  2. After downloading open file manager and install that file.
  3. Open the app and complete the sign up process.
  4. Now you can enjoy the premium version of this app for free.

Spotify app for iOS

You know that this Apk is made for Android devices so if you want to install this Apk on iOS then you need to download an Android emulator.

  1. Download Cydia impactor to your computer.
  2. Download Spotify Premium Apk and save this file in a folder.
  3. Connect your iOS device to your PC and then select the device from the menu.
  4. Now go to the folder and drag Spotify Premium app to Cydia impactor.
  5. Then install the app on your device.
  6. Make sure you trust the option on this device.
  7. Now open the app for sign up and you’re ready to use the premium version of Spotify on your iOS device.

Spotify Premium Apk on PC

You have to follow the same process because this Apk is made for Android so you must download an Android emulator on your PC. Just follow the instructions and you will be able to download this app to your PC.

  1. First, download the BlueStack app to your computer.
  2. Download the Spotify Premium Apk file to your PC.
  3. Open the downloaded file and it will open automatically in Bluestack app.
  4. Now install this Apk on your desktop.
  5. After installing, open this app from Bluestack and enjoy the premium Spotify.

One thing to remember is don’t log in with an existing account which means you have to use the new email that I want to sign up for.


So now I have mentioned all the steps with complete instructions that you just need to follow and you can easily download this premium version of Spotify on any of your devices. You can enjoy premium with full features for free. Just download and install to enjoy your favorite songs and music in this popular app.


Q. Is it safe to download the mode version of the Spotify app?
Of course yes! There are no complications and it is a safe process. You can download this mode file on any of your smart devices without any problem. It will not harm your device so you can use this application and it is safe from all viruses so you can easily enjoy this mod version.

Q. How to fix internet problem in Spotify?
This is a very simple task so you can easily overcome this problem. Just follow the steps and you will never encounter internet problem.

Go to Play Store and download any good premium VPN.
Open the VPN and connect it to the United States for better connectivity.
Now open your Spotify app and you are free from internet problems.
If you are a user of this app from PC, then install a good VPN on Bluestack.

How do I change my Spotify account password?
It is very easy to change the password of the account but still I am giving you step by step instructions which you have to follow.

Open the app and go to the Spotify login page
Then forget to click on your password option
Enter your mail and username and send your information
Now you will get a password link just open that link and create a good password for your account.
What is the latest version of Spotify Premium App?
The latest version is which is available on this website. But for upcoming updates you can save this page on your device so you can come to this website to get information whenever new update is published.

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