KFC USA Introduces Finger Spork – All You Need To Know About This Finger-Friendly Utensil

If you love KFCs, you know how innovative they are in their food, beverages, decor, and so on. One of the most popular fast-food chains in the world, KFC is constantly experimenting to give their patrons something unique. Whether it’s combining biryani and KFC fried chicken or making plant-based fried chicken for vegetarians, we’ve seen the brand do it all. Adding to the list, KFC has recently launched a special vessel in the American market that has been dubbed to enhance the ‘finger licking’ experience of guests at the KFC joint. The finger-friendly vessel is called ‘Finger Spark’. Wonder what it’s all about ‘? Let’s find out in detail.

“The Fried Chicken Chain has unveiled an innovative food dish that makes all your KFC favorite (literally) fingers better. “A report is read on the official website of KFC Global. For the uninitiated, the spark is basically a combination of spoon and fork, which became popular in the 1970s. KFC Founder Colonel Harland Sanders. However, the ‘Finger Spark’ is a unique take on the classic container.

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How to use KFC ‘Finger Spark’?

“To use, just hold your finger KFC Finger spark, dip your finger in your favorite KFC side item and then raise the pot into your mouth, ”the report reads. This specially designed spark helps to optimize the use of KFC side including mashed potatoes, dips and more.

Speaking of the unique vessel, KFC USA CMO Nick Chavez explained, “KFC Finger Sparks are moving away from the sidelines and keeping them in the spotlight. For the best finger licking experience. “

Sounds interesting; Isn’t it? Would you like to catch a finger spark before digging out your favorite foods from KFC? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below.

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