How to create a profile in Upwork? create agency profile in upwork

How is everyone? Today I will show you how to create your profile on Upwork. Let’s start without talking –

How to create a profile in Upwork? create agency profile in upworkHow to create a profile in Upwork First, go to from your browser and click sign up. Then choose an independent contractor (your browser may have a different interface. Don’t worry. I’ve used Google Chrome). Select Contractor Registration, fill out the form below, and then continue. Now when the new page arrives, click Verify your email address and go to your email to see if there are any links. Now click on that link.

Click here to continue to the new page. Now click on the full details of the contract. A form will appear. Fill it and secure it and continue. Now click on complete your upwork profile. Now when another page comes up, select the jobs you know from the job category. (Click here) If you are new, choose blog and article writing, data entry, personal assistant, email response management, etc. If you would like to select a data entry professional from the main role below, you can . Select 1 or 2 at the desired hourly rate. Choose how many hours per week you can dedicate to availability. Now type internet, facebook, twitter, google plus, etc. in the title. Save now and continue. Now click on Accept Upwork User Agreement. On the new page, check the I accept the terms and conditions button and click Save and Continue. My contractor profile contains headlines, portraits, personal emails, etc. in my account summary.

Enter your picture by clicking on My Portrait to the right of the portrait. Doing so will complete 20 percent of your profile. The more complete the profile, the more jobs you can apply for in a week. Take the Upwork Ready Job Readiness test now. Please read the following articles carefully and click Done to take the exam. Click here

Generally, you should answer about 11 questions in 40 minutes. If all the answers to this question are correct, it will be written on your profile. If it fails, it will not be written. But you can do this test over and over again.

After passing the exam, you can apply for 10 jobs per week. Now go to my contractor profile. Add a new skill by clicking Add a skill. Those who are new can add Facebook, Twitter, MS Office, PowerPoint, article writing etc. Now it will be written in the profile that 30 percent of the work is completed. Now under Include Employment History, you can include any work you have done in the past. If you have an online job then this cannot happen. If there is work. The main thing is that you have to fill that room. Click here

Don’t worry if you don’t have work experience. Click on my public profile below and share your years of experience editing new pages. You can share your work experience here. Go to English Options and write down how you know English. Here you can pay according to the measurements. 1 to 5. (Click here) Enter the purpose of your work from the purpose below. If you do not know what to type, click on the example below. You can see examples from there. If you write what you are given, the profile will be beautiful. If you know a programming language, you can say it here. If you don’t know all this, write down how long you have been using Facebook, Internet. How fast you can type is also a big issue. Most people can’t type fast. Now your profile will grow by 10 percent.

Now click on Education and enter your educational grade. If you’ve already worked on portfolio goals, write them down. If you have no work experience, create a WordPress blog or site directly. Post there. Then enter the link here. (Click here) This will make your profile heavier. This will increase your chances of getting the job. In the experience of others, if you have a YouTube channel or Facebook page, you can talk about it. And if nothing else, no problem. It is not necessary to fill it.

Certificate is not required. Now notice that your profile has increased access. If you want to expand your range, go to and do more tests. As your profile gets heavier, your experience will get better. Remember, no education in this world is in vain. You will need any job at the end of your life. Now that you have taken some more exams, you can apply for a job 20 hours a week. Basic English tests, MS Word tests, English spelling tests and Windows XP tests are all very easy. (Click here) By giving these, you can easily get good grades. It is up to you to take the exam. No one will force you. However, we all know that the more certificates you have, the higher the price.

You can change all of the above settings as many times as you like. Edit the profile next to where you want to change. If you can’t find it, no problem. If you click Find Work directly, you’ll find everything on the right. Clicking here repeatedly will change everything. How to create a profile in Upwork

Are you sure you want to check out what your profile looks like? Click Find Job to see if your profile is perfect in your public profile at the bottom right; Click here to see everything very easily. (Click here)

I have shared everything with you in very short shortcuts. But I have tried so that a new user can easily read and work without looking at the image. If you like it, you can share it with your friends. And bookmark the blog so you can get more new writing. Thank you.

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