How do you get orders in so many competitions on Fiverr?

Since there is a lot of competition in fiber now, it is much easier for newcomers to get gig ranks or get feedback quicker than before.

I don’t see where a good seller is in the first page position. Now one can show gig at one place based on their search preference, search history, location.

In case a local seller sees your gig, a buyer can view your gig in another position for the same keyword.

What can be done?

In this case you should work to find some space so that the number of gigs is very less.

Now just imagine, if a keyword has 20 gigs, then you have to think about your rank?

In that case you can come in the first or second line with the title, description and **gig image of your gig.

Such a big brother, opening such a gig is selling a lot, earns thousands of dollars every month, if you see that you also open a gig, the competition will increase, on the other hand, if you don’t get orders or get less, you You will go into depression.

If you open the same gig, you might not get the same response as that big brother.
Because of that big brother’s experience and salesmanship, the type of conversation is acting as the main turning point here in turning a buyer into a customer.

Now you have to find keywords for less competition, because even if it is late you will be the only king of your jungle.

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