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Finding something that the whole family can see during the holidays is a perennial challenge. It’s part of the tradition of Thanksgiving Turkey and the radio Christmas carol. This holiday season, Disney is presenting a warm, enjoyable family-friendly film, “Encanto Full Movie,” the story of a Colombian magical realist family with special abilities after surviving a tragedy. Now, a few generations later, they live together in a magical house and each member develops their own talents, such as the ability to control the weather, transform shapes into other humans and talk to animals. His Cassita (home) responds to family requests and responds to their moods. Each bedroom is magically related to relatives and their magical gifts. All but one, Mirabelle (Stephanie Beatriz). Encanto Full Movie

Encanto Full Movie Encanto Release Date, Encantos Restaurant“Encanto Full Movie” follows Mirabelle, “a girl without any obvious gift“, who tries her best to fit into a family that is so extraordinary that her decision to make Abuela Alma (Maria Cecilia Botero) only expresses her frustration at every turn. For Mirabelle, when her mother, Juliet (Angie Sepeda), can heal wounds through cooking, it is difficult to stand apart — especially, especially around her, Con Quiso, her sister Luisa (Jessica Darrow). He can lift heavy things, and his sister Isabella (Diane Guerrero) can raise the most beautiful flowers without a second thought. Mirabelle notices that the family’s Cassita is starting to show cracks, but no one believes her and reduces her anxiety, as her strangely anxious uncle Bruno (John Leguizamo) used to say. It is up to Mirabel to determine what is happening to save both her family and her home. Encanto Full Movie

Encanto Full Movie

Directors Jared Bush and Byron Howard (“Zutopia”) and co-director Charis Castro Smith (“Rye and the Last Dragon”), who bear much in common with the film’s main character, wrote a story about Misfit. And made a kind of heartbreaking film. Most notably, there are no villains in this Disney movie to do the right thing, just a vague “unknown” family and a threat to their home. The conflict is at least the best, which allows Mirabelle to spend more time discovering what she can do despite her lack of ability, but it makes the film seem a bit ominous. For the lost action, the film shines through in its animation and design, actually using the house with new world doors and musical sequences that allow for a little more abstract artistic freedom. Encanto Full Movie

Speaking of those music scenes, I think it’s time to take a break for Lynn-Manuel Miranda. After hitting out of the park with “In the Heights,” “Hamilton” and “Moana”, his 2021 offer has become somewhat uncomfortable. For this review, I finally saw the movie “Vivo”, where he voiced the title character as well as writing the song. These numbers seemed weak and forgotten. In one song, he sang ‘Dhol’ with ‘Dhol’. In “Encanto”, the possibilities are a bit better, more songs are better than others, but there is still a feeling that these musical numbers are left over from other projects. They sound like his work, but don’t offer anything new or exciting to get stuck in our minds. Isabella and Luiser’s Disposable Pop Song “What Else Can I Do?” And “surface pressure” is deceptively repetitive. “The Family Madrid” is a less effective version of the opening song of “In the Heights”. Miranda’s song “Columbia, Me Encanto” only sounds like a memorable stand-out performance by Carlos Vives. Encanto Full Movie

Unprepared songs to influence animated music like “Encanto” are unfortunate. Fortunately, the film has other enjoyable elements, such as the vocal cast, including Carolina Gatten, Renzi Feliz, Ravi Cabot-Conner, Wilmer Valderrama, Mauro Castillo, and Latin music stars Maluma and Adasa. It’s also impressive to watch an animated Disney film, which eventually features different skin tones and hair textures from the same family, featuring ponchos, flowing embroidered skirts, colorful costumes and guaberas as part of a character description. Fashion like Colombia is also included. Beatriz is as bright as Mirabelle, her voice expresses both pain and love throughout the film, yet the fool never loses the sense of sport that makes her character so attractive. Abuela’s vocals come from the single Olga Meredith, another “In the Heights” album.

Just as Pixar’s “Coco” paid homage to Mexican culture, “Encanto” owes its Colombian roots to the use of a variety of flowers and animals to create songs specific to the musical palettes of its respective territories. In both stories included, Mother Abuelus goes through an emotional journey (if not more) than the young protagonist of the film. Pixar and Disney animation are both interesting developments seen in their storytelling world tour episode, but I hope they avoid repetition of each other in thematic and descriptive elements. Encanto Full Movie

One difference is that “Encanto” explores the story of Madrid’s backyard outside their home, showing Madrid’s grandparents fleeing their homeland for safety and the ultimate sacrifice of an artistic flashback Abuelo. The story of a lost homeland and the rebuilding of a family on a new land is not uncommon for many immigrant families, and to include it sensitively as part of a fascinating Disney film could perhaps give a new generation a better idea of ​​themselves. Understand or at least relax that may be sharing their experiences with others. It could help kids who didn’t grow up with “lost paradise” stories. It may be an optimistic outlook for a film that will plunge Turkey into a coma, but despite some missteps, “Encanto” is one of the most exciting animated films to hit theaters this year.

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