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Dikkiloona Full Movie

download Dikkiloona Full Movie Download 1080p & 720p & 480p, Dikkiluna (2021) is a Tamil movie available in 1080p and 720p and 480p BluRay quality. Dikkiluna (2021) Tamil Full Movie Science fiction based on romantic comedy. dikkiloona(2021) tamil full movie BluRay is now available to download in 720p tamilrockers Place.

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Dikkiluna (2021) english full movie information:

  • name of the movie: Dikkiluna (2021)
  • leaked by: tamilrockers
  • LanguageTamil
  • release year: 2021
  • Quality: HDRIP [Origanal Audios]
  • Resolution: 1280*720
  • Shape: 1.3GB
  • Length: 2h 24m
  • Format: MKVE
  • imdb rating: 6.5/10 From 1.3k users

Dikkiluna (2021) Full Movie Story:

Dikkiluna (2021) Tamil Full Movie 720p HDRIP: A man travels back in time to change his unpleasant past and face the consequences. Where will he land in the end?

Dikkiluna (2021) Full Movie Review:

Dikkiluna Tamil Movie Time Machine Time Travel Science Fiction Fun Filled Comedy Entertainment Ride. A timeline of a pattern of time reversal where it is propagated to another journal.

Science Time Travel Ride Movie Tour.

best direction

best producer

best cinematography

Best Screenplay

best editing

Best electrifying sema and fun background music.

best background score

best production controller

best costume designer

great and creative story

Best and Beautiful Traditional Songs from Yuvaan’s BGM and Background Songs.

Best colorful and beautiful visuals and epic VFX.

best writing dikkiloona (21) tamil full movie download

best cameraman

best script

Best and semi funny dialogues.

Dikkiloona Full Movie :-

Performance – Santhanam’s recent SEMMA charm and humorous humorous performance. Anagha Semma Brilliant and beautiful gorgeous amazing performance.

Supporting Performances – Chitra Laxman, Munshikanth, Jangiri Madhumita, Arun Alexander, Motta Rajendran, Sha Ra, Yogi Babu, Harbhajan Singh, and Shirin Kanchwala Comedy entertainers and amazing performances for their comedic roles. dikkiloona (21) tamil full movie download

First Jodi of Santhanam and Anagha Lovely and Romantic Chemistry Combo Great combination.

Santhanam and Shireen Kanchwala’s second pairing is a wonderful combination of beautiful and romantic chemistry.

Semma and Epic color grading participate in their traditional style and culture in their Time Travel Journal ride.

Verdict :- Dikiluna Tamil Movie is a thrilling fun filled scientific time travel hilarious funny comedy entertainer movie.

enjoyed the movie

liked the movie dikkiloona (21) tamil full movie download

The most recent hilarious and funny comically entertaining experience I’ve ever had with a laugh.


Dikkiluna (2021) Full Movie Cast:

  • Santhanam
  • Anagha
  • Shirin Kanchwala
  • Yogi Babu
  • Arun Sikander
  • anandraj
  • Munishkantho
  • rajendran
  • marani
  • Raj Krishnani
  • Seshu
  • nizalgal ravi
  • sha rao
  • Chitra Laxman
  • madan bob
  • Prashant Rangaswamy
  • Harbhajan Singh

Dikkiluna (2021) Film Director:

Dikkiloona Full Movie

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