5G RAN Technology: 5G requires open RAN, Companies in India

5G RAN Technology

5G RAN Technology RAN is one of the topics of discussion at present. It is basically an abbreviation. The full term is radio access network. This term related to the telecom sector will play the most important role in the mobile communication system of tomorrow. Quad countries including India have discussed among themselves about starting RAN. It is expected that RAN will be launched soon. Before that let us know the various details of RAN system. 5G RAN Technology: 5G requires open RAN

What is OPEN RAN?

Simply put, mobile communication systems and the various software and hardware associated with them are included in the RAN. When someone makes a call from a mobile phone, the signal from the mobile phone reaches the antenna attached to the tower. On the other hand, different signals come out from the antenna and come to the mobile phone. This method is called RAN.

5G RAN Technology: 5G requires open RAN, Companies in IndiaThere are basically five largest RAN networks around the world. Which control 95 percent of the world’s mobile networks. Two of those five companies are Huawei and ZTE. Both are Chinese companies. There are also Ericsson and Noki. Two European companies and the fifth North Korean company is Samsung. Deloitte recently published a survey on the topic. Of those five companies, Huawei, Ericsson and Nokia control about 80 percent of RAN. 5G RAN Technology: 5G requires open RAN

In this context, the Open RAN Policy Coalition (The Open RAN Policy Coalition) should also be mentioned. This means that the mobile network is set up in such a way that the radio signals, hardware and software are managed by an organization.

What are the benefits of Open Rain?

The current problems are mainly in the case of closed RANs. Purchasing licensed software from a specific vendor means that a network cannot purchase software from a RAN vendor for radio signals and hardware from another RAN vendor. This means that you have to purchase hardware and software from a specific vendor. As a result, to build a mobile network in a geographic area, all hardware and software has to be purchased from a single vendor.
After that, if there was any problem in the tower or if there was any problem in the hardware, then the entire hardware had to be replaced. Which is highly cost effective and time consuming. But these problems need not be faced in the process of open sanctions.

With the advent of 5G, almost all mobile networks will have to be updated. All systems will need to be reinstalled. In this case, Open RAN experts say that the arrival of Open RAN may not change the entire network system.

One advantage of the Open RAN process is that mobile communications providers will have the flexibility to purchase hardware and software from various companies.

How long does it take to start an open RAN?

According to a report released by Deloitte, Open RAN has already hit the market. Initially there were only 35 Open RAN architects in the world. But now the market for Open RAN is growing.

According to another report, Reliance Jio, Bharti Airtel and Vodafone are working on Open RNA. They are basically working on 5G upgrade through open RNA architecture. Open RAN technology will be included in the Make in India campaign launched by the Central Government.

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